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Cancer Other ServicesThe Comprehensive Community Cancer Program of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System offers people with cancer a complete, local resource for education, prevention, detection, treatment and support. With a team of highly skilled oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, nurses and other dedicated health care professionals, state-of-the-art equipment for detection and treatment, and access to advanced clinical trials and consultations, people can receive world-class cancer care while staying close to home, family and friends. Included are some additional services our Comprehensive Community Cancer Program offers our patients.

Pain Management
-The comfort of our patients is a primary concern. Mitigating pain generally requires that we analyze the type of pain experienced and the cause of the discomfort.

Palliative Care -Sadly, there are times when all of the technology and medical knowledge in the world cannot give every patient a more optimistic diagnosis. That does not mean that pain and suffering must become part of the equation.

Reiki -The Comprehensive Community Cancer Program at Salinas Valley Memorial has long recognized the value of complementary medicine services, such as Reiki. The benefits include; pain reduction, symptom and stress management, a greater ability to relax, focus, cope and sleep, and relief from fatigue and nausea that often accompany treatments and improved energy levels.

Art & Music Therapy -The goal of the Art & Music Therapy program is to help the patient and the patient's support network deal openly and honestly with the physical and emotional changes resulting from a cancer diagnosis.