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SVMHS Announces the Creekside Farms Mammogram Program

Salinas, CA - October 17, 2011


Adrienne Laurent




Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Announces

the Creekside Farms Mammogram Program

Sales of a Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath helps fund mammograms for women in need.


SALINAS, CA, October 17, 2011—The Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation (SVMHF) announced that Creekside Farms of Greenfield will pay for mammograms of qualifying women in need. The free mammograms will be provided at Salinas Valley Memorial’s Nancy Ausonio Mammography Center.


Creekside Farms produces wreaths sold by fine online retailers as well as on their own website. A specially designed pink wreath is available, and through the end of October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month—Creekside will donate $10 for each wreath sold. All of the donated funds will be used to pay for mammograms for women who cannot afford them.

In November, women interested in applying for a free mammogram through the Creekside Farms Mammogram Program should request a referral from their primary care doctor. The doctor will submit a simple application to a selection committee at the Nancy Ausonio Mammography Center. Those selected will receive a bilateral mammogram using state-of-the-art digital equipment. A board-certified radiologist will complete a thorough review of the mammogram and send a written report to the patient’s primary care doctor, and if applicable, a referral for follow up treatment.  The number of free procedures depends upon the success of the wreath sales.

“We are grateful to Carol and Larry Umbarger of family-owned Creekside Farms,” says Michael  Mahan, Director of SVMHF. “Catching breast cancer as early on as possible saves lives. We appreciate the support of Creekside Farms that will help women who cannot afford a mammogram to have access to this important screening.”

Creekside Farms, founded in 1989 by Larry and Carol Umbarger, crafts wreaths using herbs and flowers grown on 20 acres in Greenfield. To purchase wreaths for your home or as gifts for others, and, thereby, support free mammograms for women in need, visit or click through at

The Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System we know today started out in 1953 as a 52-bed hospital. Since then we have grown to serve thousands of people in communities in the Central Coast area, from our hospital campus and through a network of affiliates. SVMHS now houses state-of-the-art specializations including the Heart Center opened in 1987, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Joint Replacement Center and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as well as advanced imaging and diagnostic tools. We are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare services for people who are ill or injured and to helping people live healthier lives through prevention and education efforts.



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