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FFA students bring new life to an old greenhouse

What: Greenhouse Planting
Where: SVMHS Greenhouse, 120 Wilgart Way
When: Monday, 3/14, 3:30pm

Salinas Valley Memorial recently restored the old greenhouse that was part of the former Monterey County Agriculture Building—now the Nathan Olivas Center. The greenhouse had been idle for years, until last season when it was restored and students in the Future Famers of America Program used it to raise crops. The vegetables and herbs raised in the greenhouse are used in the SVMHS kitchen.

Measuring about 13 by 33 feet, the greenhouse received a total renovation that included repair of water and power sources and installation of a new fan and automatic irrigation system. Existing clay pots were used. Pea gravel replaced the original rock ground cover, which was recycled to another hospital project. SVMHS enlisted the volunteer advice and services from Estate Landscaping and McShane's Nursery for the renovation.

Using organic soil and materials, the goal is to continue growing seasonal produce. On Monday, 3/14, students will plant crops such as baby lettuce, carrots, radishes, a variety of herbs—chives, oregano, parsley, thyme and marjoram—and cherry tomatoes.

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